Sunday, June 24, 2012

My really late Toycon Day 2 Report

Day 2 was as expected, a whole "universe" of people who took advantage of the weekend to come over and buy stuff at Toycon.  Sales were good to the point that we ran out of both the Robotorso and United Colors shirts ran out just after lunch.

I came in late that day because the whole morning I was out picking up our second delivery of our shirts, particularly the Big Bang.  We had people reserve that shirt since yesterday and they were all scheduled for pick up that day.

Also Im glad Toycon also improved its floorplan layout, separating the cosplay "universe" (their new name for their cosplay event) from the sellers floor to avoid last year's fiasco about overenthusiastic cosplay fans bothering the buyers and sellers of Toycon (not against cosplay being a cosplayer myself, but after all, thats why its a Toy Convention, to cater to toy enthusiasts).  So since its separate, those who want to check out cosplay event can go to Hall 3, while everything about toys can go to the opposite side of the event.

So again I get to find another set of collections that's within my budget.

These came in a pack and its all made of high impact soft plastic
Saw again this treasure of Zeon conscript toys, a ACGuy, Z'Gok and Zock. They were pretty sweet deals considering the Zock was over 5 inches high.

Rei taking a break, while the other's body is ready. XD
Also, as part of our growing collection and my wife's insistence, our con visit would not be complete without some Rei Ayanami figure hunts.  There are a lot, best ones are every expensive.  But the beauty of the hunt is to find one that is so unusual yet very affordable.  Saw this pair in another toy bucket booth and is now added to our collection display at home.  They were original figures although I feel both are loose figures as they came without any form of platform or accessory.  Plus the Bread Snack Rei's head was broken from the neck down so I had to repair her when I got to home.

I have no idea who they are but they were cute and affordable enough to be collected.
Found this set literally in bits and pieces.  These were inside Flux's toy box, where I saw the heads, feet, arms, accessories, etc all over the place.  Flux told me if I were to find every last piece, he's willing to sell it to me next to nothing.  Since I  had plenty of spare time in my hands during the lull hours of the t-shirt sale, I knelt down and did some serious digging.  I was able to assemble the yellow one on the left and the blue one on the right (who was later identified by my friend Wilson as a figure from the Super Robot Wars series).  The middle ones I accidentally assembled because I mistook them as parts of the ones I originally found.  In the end, the booth owner gave those two in the middle to me for free.  That was awfully nice of him!

All in all I was able to spend less than P450 for all of them.

Meanwhile, if you remember that almost naked girl figure I bought on the first day, I had clothes made for her and made her our official Chesto Booth model. :)

Now on to Day 3.

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