Tuesday, September 14, 2010

International Guests to grace Cosplay Mania X

Its been under wraps for months, making sure we are able to pull it off, making sure to make their stay here safe and interesting and absolutely exciting.

The guests were officially announced at Naoko Cosplay Blog. Naoko is Cosplay Mania's official international guest relations officer. Click the link and check out who.

But for me, this is the cosplayer I finally want to meet in person.

Yep, it's him, the guy, the first mecha cosplayer to ever win the prestigious AFA cosplay competition. Mirage_cld in the forums, real name being Clive. With the generous help of Naoko, we were able to invite him to come over and be our exclusive guest for Cosplay Mania. This is also the time I realized how excited i was to finally get to meet him in person, after chatting and communicating with him online for years, not just in the forums, but even as early as the days I was still running my now defuct Geocities-hosted mecha cosplay tutorial website MECHACOSPLAYTIPS.TK. I even invited by Clive himself if i could visit him someday in Singapore with my costume, i guess the tables are turned on me for being too slow, hehehe.

What's exciting was that he wasnt just coming over just to visit, he's coming in costume! Man, to finally find out how he build his awesome creations.

I dont know if im suffering from fanboy jitters, but yeah, i am a big fan of Clive and sure as hell i hope i dont go flipping-over-mental when i shake his hand.

I knew about this for months, now i can finally breath easily and share this wonderful news, not just to fellow mecha cosplayers in my network, but to everyone else. :D

I am so looking forward for Cosplay Mania. How about you guys?