Thursday, November 25, 2010

GM and Zaku Cosplay Mania X

Finally was able to convert and upload one of the few vidoes I had of me and Ricki's Gundam 08th Team series cosplay last Cosplay Mania X. Ricki cosplayed the RX-79[G] Ground Type GM and me as the Zaku MS-05L Sniper Model. It was fun to see ourselves on video, seeing other people saw us walking and acting like robots. Enjoy!

Thanks to Wilson and Addy for the assistance, and Polidread and Jam for the video!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

UPAME Track 10 Convention Review

UPAME Track 10 turned out ok at the start, although they were late around 20 minutes. Entrance was slow due to the ticketing being just one line. Most of the people who were already inside were there because they bought advance selling tickets. The line snaked all the way almost to the other end of the convention, and was forced to fold the line four to five times to avoid crowding the other already ongoing events such as the World Robotics Olympiad and the Canon Photography Marathon. That was just for those who got inside SMX.

Outside SMX was weirder. UPAME did not have direct control on the decision on how the entrance should be done, instead the security of SMX were the ones who controlled the number of people going inside.

Why so slow?