Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Party that almost was

Every year we manage to pull off one of the traditions of the community is to set up a Christmas party.  It's unique in a way for the costume-clad cosplay community because this is the gathering where we discourage visitors wearing costumes so that a more meaningful interaction can be done between members and their guests. A sort of team building seminar, where people mingle with one another and team together to win games.  And so far it has not produced any bloodshed of sorts, but I digress.

Also this party was unique because it was the party that almost did not occur, because unlike the old days where admins and mods of the community used to have plenty of free time, this year presented a challenge to everyone and only a very few decided to push through with it despite their very busy schedules.  Plus we always made sure every year all of the games would be unique and fun.

Glad this year we decided to bring back some of the blessing we received this year (like our successful Cosplay Mania even despite the threat of storms, and our Philippine Representatives at Anime Festival Asia for winning their Regional Cosplay Competition) by setting up a charity event to help build a Children's Library for a school in Iloilo.  We partnered with Project 154 (who started the Children's Library Project) and we got a decent amount of books to give, so our thanks to those who passed by and gave them.

The games were very unusual, and I would credit my office boss for coming up with them.  They were originally used at our department Christmas party the week before and I liked it so much I applied it to our own party but with some tweaks to it.  First was the usual Group Cheer where four teams are formed and required to make up their own team name (Team Blue: Bludolf, Team Green: The Green-chies, Team Orange: Oren-Ji and Team Pink: Jingle Balls).  The members and guests were randomly shuffled so that everyone gets a chance to make friends.  Games that followed was The Chocolate Run, where teams try to feed each other Chocolate Coins but trying to peel of the foil wrappers with oversized gloves.

Next was The Reindeer Game, where teams try to build a reindeer hat using balloons and pantyhose.  Yes, pantyhose, that the poor selected group rep will wear in order to win the game.

The last game was inspired by Sesame Street's Two-Headed Monster by making two selected group reps to join together (literally) and become the two headed Gift Wrapping Monster and try to make the most beautiful wrapped gift that our judge Ms. Lorie to decide. 

Thanks to our Prizes Committee Head Wilbert and  CPH Admins Pablo, Tanya and Henry for the game materials and prizes.

Ms. Lorie of Project 154 was able to pass by despite her busy schedule and she became our judge for the final part of the games and she gave a thank you speech for all of us and hope to have the library done in time for the kids' school year next year.

Thanks again to the mods who helped out, like Sound System guys Jason, Elben and Hades.  Thanks to Kel for hosting and thanks again to Gene for running the show for a second year in a row.

And special thanks to everyone who kept supporting our humble community for 8 years, I even saw peeps who showed up after several years, glad to see you guys again!

So once again, thank you for your support and your books, and have a blessed Merry Christmas to you!


  1. Blue-dolf shall have his revenge next year! SIEG SANTA!!!

  2. Wow you guys had loads of fun 8Db. Btw sir, adding you in my blogroll. I just realized I dont have you yet on my blog list orz

  3. you guys never learn. MY TEAM ALWAYS WIN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Happy early Christmas to you & your lovely wife~ =D
    Seems a very happy event... ^^~