Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Its been hell of an effort to juggle my time between two "jobs".  The reason for the quotation is that one is a job, the other I really dont see it as a job, rather as something I like doing.  Except, well, its just as stressful with deadlines.  And my wrist is beginning to hurt.

Every year we organize this cosplay-centric event called Cosplay Mania, and every year it gets bigger and better (this year, one of the newest addition to the event is the much awaited visit of Japan's premier cosplayers Kaname and Reika, as well as returning Singaporean guest Jesuke).

For the past year I've been assigned to help promote the Costume Building Contest.  This year I left it and instead took the full time assignment as Graphics.  Its pretty much more stressful then I initially thought, and many times ive considered if I took the wrong decision in leaving the comforts of CBC.  Plus the requirements of my other steady job is also taking its toll, and its been one hellweek after the other.  For the past month I work the regular hours, only to be greeted back home with another set of work.  Yeah, the one thing I always treated as a past time, im now viewing it as work.  I swear not an after work hour nor a weekend has passed that's not cosplaymania related.  That's the beauty of being a graphic artist: you only work as fast as your PC.  There are times one project can last a whole day.  Getting concepts right is beginning to be less and less easier because most of the time, I come home tired, and then sleep late, then off to work early, come home tired then sleep late again.  Over a month.  I swear its not healthy anymore.  I feel I could just drop dead anytime.

Am I getting paid for the second set.  Yes and No.  Yes there are perks that go with it but its mostly non-financial.  No, because well, Im not getting a salary.  Just the upcoming satisfaction of a job well done, and hopefully being appreciated for it.  Dont worry, I am being appreciated every year.  Its that this year its just extremely stressful.  I noticed my mouse wrist hurts when im under stress.  I may end up getting Carpal Tunnel like my left hand had years ago (its ok now, no surgery needed).

Just hang in there, I guess.  A month before Cosplay Mania.  The best perk I can look forward to, is that when its the actual day, I have no actual duties to do since being graphic artist meant Im done before the event starts.  Wish I have time to finish my planned cosplay costume too.

In the meantime, I'll probably need some sort of hand rest to prevent further damage.  If only the office allows novelty mousepads like these. XD


Oh well, back to the grind then.