Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is there life after Goddess?

With the community currently abuzz by Alodia quitting cosplay, I find a lot of people swearing off cosplay forever because their idol did the same. She is known in the cosplay community as the media-labeled Cosplay Goddess (via her Glode Telecommunication endorser stint).

I find it sad really, because to me it goes to show that the hobby/interest was always second to them. But its their choice and I wont stop them from doing so. But if there is any silver lining to the whole thing, it brought up to light issues that had always been suspected but never discussed: was cosplay really your genuine choice?

Reactions from her quitting had opened up a can of worms. Many commentators had implied that they only cosplay because she did, because they were inspired by her, and so on. Idolizing is not uncommon, although with the hobby, it sure is strange to realize that a whole lot of people cosplay not because they love the characters they emulate, but they love a fellow cosplayer. If they used cosplay only as a means to attract her attention or find an excuse to get close to her, I'll never know.

As I read back and forth the comments publicly posted on her social network account, I am not surprised at the amount of apathy and rabidness these skirmishes produce. Ive encountered my share, but in fairness to some of her fans, I do encounter those who are intelligent, rational and well-meaning ones, and now are even my trusted friends. Respect:quid pro quo, as the saying goes.