Sunday, June 24, 2012

My really late Toycon Day 3 Report

The last day turned out to be quite a handful in terms of sales.  Most of our shirts were out, since we never really considered to properly calculate our tshirt stock.  But since we were able to make good sales on the last two days, every sale we have today is considered enough to deal with overhead expenses. We ran out of Big Bang shirts and we are left with whatever is left to sell.  But as I said earlier, since we made good sales, we could buy another set of collectibles if ever we find one.

I actually stumbled into the Pepsi Nex Gundam Bear Char Zaku, including this very detailed figure of a Zaku I that was similar to my Zaku cosplay in Singapore's Anime Festival Asia. What's special about the Gundam Bear is that its original, as compared to my previous findings. (photo 1) (photo 2)

Also found these cool Evangelion 2.0 figures that are just 2.5 inches high.  Its not shown in the picture but these came with accessories that include a thermal shield, guns and vibro-knife.  Too bad though the EVA-01's horn was half missing, but the overall was still ok.

This was the last one bought, just within the hour before closing time.  I stumbled into this T-800 limited articulation 5 inch figure in the booth just across us.  And it was an incredible find for two reasons: (1) it was being sold for only P50 and (2) it was molded from glow-in-the-dark PVC.  The gun, I bought from another store that sold figure accessories.  Too bad somebody bought all the gatling guns so I opted for the next best thing, the shotgun.

Again, the spending didnt even go beyond P450, with the total 3 day spending with only just P1,350.  Im happy with what I got and proud to say that some of them are simply gems you cannot just get with the price you haggled for. :)

End of report.

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