Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Got CosCards

Finally gave in and ordered Cosplay Cards.  For those who dont know, Cosplay Cards, or CosCards for short, were a popular method of introducing yourself to other people or fellow cosplayers while showcasing your own costume (as normally, costumes often identify those who wear them, well most of the time).

A little personal history: I first encountered these CosCards when I was in Singapore attending Anime Festival Asia 2011.  My hotel room mate and friend Rochelle (better known as Magnetic Rose in the cosplay/anime/blogger community, and her website of the same name) suggested that I bring these CosCards, which at that time I had no idea what for, as the idea of having a calling card is often reserved for more formal business ventures.  But then I found it extremely useful in introducing oneself while cosplaying, especially to photographers and fellow cosplayers, although I do found it a bit embarrassing as I am not used to giving it around like a businessman (as I see cosplaying as a fond hobby).  But I guess I rationalized the use with having my blog site known, and to let everyone know that Robert Wong is Evaguy01 (as if that mattered, but well, I disgress).

Neways, I guess it can be a good stroke to one's ego to have your costume firmly identified with you, like when someone would say "Ooooh, so you're that camouflaged Zaku I saw in this convention!" and with a cosplay card as solid evidence.  But its not 100% as accurate as a regular ID, but its all fun anyways.

Had my CosCards made by Cosplay.ph, so if you feel like ordering some, feel free to check out their page!