Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2AM Experience: from a non-fan but married to one

I never really imagined myself writing an article about Korean bands, much less 2AM. But thanks to my wife who is a huge fan of the group, I have been immersed in their pop culture whenever she gets the opportunity, whether I like it or not. Im not saying I dont like 2AM, or the very least Korean music. I guess its a new thing for me, since im rather loyal to Japanese music more than anything else foreign in an Asian kind of way.

Anyways, again my wife is a big fan of the Korean Boy Band 2AM that when the announcement came that they will be visiting the Philippines in a 4 day "Meet and Greet" tour, she was ecstatic so say the least. They were slated to visit on April 27 to 30. She planned to attend the meet and greet on April 29 Venetian Mall and April 30 Eastwood City. In fairness to her, she never forced me to accompany her, she was always giving me the option to duck out whenever the opportunity presents itself, but being the diligent husband who worries that her wife, despite being physically capable of defending herself, might be too overwhelmed by a stampede of hundreds of raving drooling fangirls.