Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cosplay and the Generation Strife

This blog is about the Philippine cosplay community. Those outside the community are free to read and comment about the topic. The usual rules about flaming and trolling applies.

2009 may be called the year where cosplay generations have laid down the line and started expanding the gap between themselves with constant bickering and labeling. Its amusing how these things happen through the years as I sit back and read/hear people generalize each other as "old farts" and "noobs" in cosplay. Hell, we even have that Cosplay Mafia thing going on, giving a humorous illusion that a bunch of Illuminati-like cosplay-in-black vets are moving in the shadows and taking over the cosplay world as we know it.

There has always been strife between cosplay "veterans" and "newbies" since the start of cosplay's popularity in our community back in 2000. Both parties though aren't free of any guilt, so any whitewashing between the two parties only leads to hypocrisy. Its just funny how these things, through the years, turn out like automated laundry: "Rinse and Repeat."