Monday, December 26, 2011

Trophies and Bias

You know my biggest regret in being involved for so long in the local cosplay community?  Is that I don't often get to join contests without being completely free of bias.  It may be a surprise to you, but other than supporting cosplaying for fun, I also support cosplay competitions, because it helps heighten the quality of the hobby.  Its really those who cannot handle the responsibilities of joining contests that annoy me (sour-graping, cheating and power tripping).

I enjoyed the days when I was just a regular cosplayer. And if I wanted to join a contest, I'm good with it because I hardly know the organizers and the judges, and they hardly know me.  These days I'm now part of a group that organizes cosplayers, that I'm invited to judge contests, and for better or worse, personally knew some (if not, most) who have become popular or famous because of cosplay.  If ever I would like to join a contest, I would join one that has little to do with me (a good example is TOEI, but I missed this year and have to wait for the next 5 years).  Also true why I jumped on the chance to join a contest overseas like AFA. Less bias.

Also, I consider those who joined cosplay contests for the last 5 years to be lucky enough to be part of the rising trend of contests who give away trophies.  I admit I always wanted to at least have some form of physical evidence that I won something, the nearest thing I could have was a magazine article and inside cover.  Funny that I sometimes end up as one of those people designing those trophies for other cosplayers to win in cosplay contests.

Other people may say that the best trophies are the experience or popularity you gained by winning.  True in every aspect, I wont deny that I enjoy the prizes I won or the pictures that came with it.  But I guess I was hardwired to expect achievements in forms of trophies and medals.  Damn you High School.

Am I bitter about it? Nah, just a little jealous maybe, but not bitter or raging over it.  Seems like a shallow deal by anyone's standards, but sometimes you do have this need to at least have some physical, tangible "name-etched-on-brass-plate" evidence that you won something for your efforts.  But for now at least I'm satisfied with pictures and memories.

I guess it explains why I brought home that humongous placard of winning AFA's Singles Category. Good luck though in finding a good wall for it (still pissed that I had to fold it to get it in a box).


  1. At least, in the few moments you were able to cosplay this year, your efforts were recognized…hoping to see more of your creations on 2012!

  2. Says the guy who has a Zaku helmet with Ichirou Mizuki's signature in his room. XD

  3. LOL now you mention about high school... I just realize that it's really look like you're getting the best score at school... So... ta-daaa, here's your medal & trophy... XD

  4. @Jon

    LOL well you do have a point.

    Hahah quite the opposite. Im not much good in academics, and I only got two medals in my life: 2nd Place in a college Art Contest and Honor Medal in ROTC. Well, maybe one day i'd get a chance to have one by joining a contest at TOEI or overseas again.