Monday, August 9, 2010

Another strange thing to collect

I like strange things, and nothing piques my curiosity even more than strange Rei Ayanami collectibles.

Its no secret that I love that particular NGE character, and its no secret either that I share that very same interested with thousands of other NGE enthusiasts. If I had lots of money to throw away I would have made my own little shrine in no time, but instead i live within my means and settle with finding that one little Rei in the most obscure or unlikely places.

This particular item was on sale at Comic Alley. And yes, its not an official NGE merchandise. Its a keychain of sorts made of yarn, thread, beads and felt paper, about 2.5 inches tall. I was visiting the store in Megamall (the day KFest was going on, but decided to roam around the mall instead) and was looking for random Rei figures and checking out their prices when at the corner of my eye i saw this lonesome keychain figure tucked in a corner near the manga sale shelf. It was actually missing part of the head gear (one of the beads was missing) so it was 50% off the original price of P120. The keychain even had a little brass bell attached to it.

Neways, it goes straight to my collection box of NGE stuff, adding to what I aim to having a rising collection of strange bootleg or original Rei collectibles.

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