Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Choice of Cosplay: Were you asking for it?

Bear with me for adding another thought regarding the cosplay scene, i cant help it if certain issues or stories end up quite thought provoking.

Stories of cosplayers being harassed by some spectators are the common buzz in the community recently, and it had me thinking, what provoked these people to commit such actions that are considered unappropriate by the cosplayers themselves?

There are already tips and suggestions focused towards the audience on how to treat cosplayers. Now in this blog, id like to attempt to give focus on the other side of the spectrum: us.

Honestly, there are times that our actions and choice of appearance do make us prime targets of harassment (intentional or unintentional), even when you say its because you did it for the art, for cosplay or for the lulz (fun).

What im trying to make out in this blog is to answer WHY it happens to us, and what goes on in the mind of some con-goers, perhaps to instill some understanding that even if what they do seem blatantly wrong, we might consider how they came to be that way.

I'll start with the most obvious.