Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our first ever Mecha Photoshoot

We've planned for this for a long time but it always seemed stonewalled at ever corner thanks to our work and other real life responsibilities. But thanks to a surprise opportunity by my friends from and the laser-tag gaming place called Lazer Extreme we were able to do our photo-shoot in return to being temporary mascots for the establishment.

Me and my friend Ricki were able to bring over our Zaku I and GM mobile suits for the photo-shoot.

It wasn't really the most well prepared of photoshoots, as our costumes were already in disrepair by the time the opportunity came. But we were able to make the most out of it: even Ricki was able to make me a Heat Hawk out of scrap material, in exchange for me lending him my sniper gun (which happens to be almost physically similar to what the MS Feds use with their own snipers).

I also realized trying to stay still in a prone position !@#$&^#$!! hurts your back and lower legs like hell! You'd think making your costume out of rubber sheets would be light enough, but try doing it in a photo-shoot where the positions you need to do is what most people would normally called Yoga. I'm exaggerating, but still, try doing it with a heavy load on your back.

The shoot was done in two areas: The Laser Maze and the Hanger Bay of the Arena. The ones I'm uploading tonight will be from the Laser Maze. I will be getting the rest of the raw shots this coming saturday at Lazer Extreme's event in Market Market. I am excited because one of my Zaku shots involved copying Char's Foot Stomp scene in the manga, where he kicks Amuro' Gundam in the face. The image seconds before impact was the one I tried to do. I hope it looks ok, it did in his camera thumbnail image.

The whole shoot lasted for almost an hour and a half, starting at 1pm. It would have finished sooner but the Hanger Area was constantly full of people gawking at us. Not their fault, it was almost the place's prime time, where a lot of people would be playing.

I particularly loved the green lasers, although I admit they can really temporarily blind you: I had the bad luck of getting one in the eye, even for a split second, id see nothing but blurry green spots for almost 5 minutes.

This is also the first photo-shoot where we had absolutely no idea how make up poses and scenes. The original ideas were from jungle environments, not enclosed dark areas with laser lights. But we made most of it by pretending to make up a story, the one you'd see at my entry, about underground tunnels and all that. It helped give in the mood of claustrophobia, although I felt having such facial expression was useless in this shoot. But I think we got it right on with the body language.

All in all it was a very rewarding shoot. I cant wait to see the rest this saturday and upload them here.

Again, thanks Erving for the wonderful shoot. I'll contact you once we get that outdoor jungle scene we've planned from the beginning.

Gallery can be seen here.

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